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VASONASO: Handmade a Vase With a Nose per Day for 365 Days

VasoNaso is a project inspired by the famous Italian painter Giorgio Morandi and his still life paintings of potteries and vases. The Italian designer, Matteo Cibic dedicates this project to understanding Morandi’s work through a sculptural and chromatic research on vases. 

The rules are simple: every day for a whole year, from the 1st of January till the 31st of December 2016, Matteo Cibic will be producing a unique hand-cast vase with a nose each day, hence the project’s name (VasoNaso means vase-nose in Italian) which will become available to purchase from Cibic’s website for one day only.

Via: Yatzer

© Matteo Cibic


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