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Beautiful Shelvings Playing With Linear Geometric Form And Optical Illusion

Field is a shelving design by Kiev-based designer Dmitry Kozinenko. He plays with our perspective by creating an optical illusion, through the use of linear geometric forms. At the first glance, when standing right in front of the shelf, one can only see a flat grid of metallic lines. Once the person moves to the side of the shelf he/she will realize that these lines have depth. This depth turns out to be shelves, which permit objects to rest. Like many of his other projects, Dmitry Kozinenko often designs to create unexpected and surprising objects that play with the idea of perception.

1 comment:

  1. Okay now this shelving unit if seen in the right direction is truly quite mind blasting. I would be quite flabbergasted in real life if I didn't know better! I bet a lot of people will be interested to get one of these for their homes so they can mind-blast their friends when they have people coming over too!


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