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Tiny Toy Cars In Dramatic Adventures Captured by Photographer

'Traveling Cars Adventures' is a series of photography by Kim Leuenberger featuring little toy cars and scooters set in dramatic or scenic places going across all sorts of terrains. 

Chick-Like USB Light Allows You to Customise Like An Art Toy

'Best Before' customizable USB light designed by Thierry Gaugain to be customized like an art toy. These chick like lamps come in black, white, and grey.

Stunning Makeup Portraits Re-Interpreting Murakami's Artwork

The school Make Up For Ever Academy planned a contest between the students in body art option, which consisted in re-interpreting the artworks of Murakami. These students adapted the pop, kawaii and colorful codes of the artist, through a face painting that goes beyond the simple art of makeup and creates a canvas on a face. The result is bluffing.

Modular Seat Designed For Couple to Cuddle

The 'Lover Seat' was born out of the challenge to develop an easy way to stock asymmetrical products. Asymmetrical items have to be stocked two times. Once for the Right hand version and another for the Left hand version. LOVER seat solves this problem offering a modular system that enables the configuration of the item as preferred. This not only makes it easier to stock, but also allows the seat to be used in several ways.

Vase Hand-Carved From A Single Block of Spanish Marble

 Ahsayane Studio has created a minimalist, sleek-looking flower vase that is literally one-of-a-kind in design. Every Angel Vase is hand-carved from a single block of Spanish marble that has been carefully selected from a quarry in Macael, Spain, which makes them each unique due to their individual marble patterns. 

Series of Photography Combining Whisky and Star Wars

Scotch Trooper has a special love with Star Wars and whisky, as such he makes a series of photography combining both of them. 

Japanese Designer Haruka Misawa Made The Most Intriguing Fish Tanks

Japanese designer Haruka Misawa has conceived a series of sculptural fish tanks entitled 'Waterscape'. Working with theories of buoyancy, the upward force from liquid that causes objects to float, the transparent aquariums feature air bubbles that suspend and cradle aquatic plants for their inhabitants.

Stunning Digitally Produced Extra-Terrestrial Bonsai Tree Species

3D artist created a series of tree species that you can only seen it in the movies. The project titled 'Alien Bonsaïs' was created entirely digitally with several softwares but there trees are so intriguing and mesmerising. If only they are real!

Leonardo Ulian's Technological Mandalas Signify Beyond Worship

Artist Leonardo Ulian offers another interpretation of the mandala with his assemblages of electronic components, copper wire, and more. 

Motor-Powered Floating Sauna That References The Scandinavian Tradition

 The wa_sauna is designed as a place for friends and the community to experience the water together. The motor-powered structure is a floating sauna that references the Scandinavian tradition where saunas are used as a place for gathering. The sauna is decked out with an electric trolling motor so it can power along exploring Seattle’s lakes letting boaters and kayakers tie off during a visit. It is built to accommodate up to six people keeping them warm via a wood burning stove.

A Lamp Made As If It Is Pierced Through By A Rod

The Pierced Light was born from experiments in glass blowing focusing on organic forms. The rounded body of glass is finished with an internal LED light to become a minimalist table lamp in copper, chrome, or gold. The lamp’s form takes shape when the molten glass is rolled and blown to increase its size, where it’s then pierced at an angle as it solidifies. After hardening, the glass is sandblasted to help soften the light when turned on.

A Beautiful and Functional Chair Born Out of A Simple Idea

Designer Khodi Feiz continues his successful relationship with Artifort with a simple idea that sees two parts, one sliding through the other, working as one to form a comfortable chair. Combining two foam molded upholstered parts, the Niloo chair seamlessly fits together much like the archetypical two-part African chair from the Congo region that inspired it.

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