As imaginative as it is functional Andorra designer Xavier Mora’s Voltasol pot can literally make your plants come to life. The use of a sloping, conical base allows the Voltasol to move, either manually or independently. A change in wind or a subtle touch could shift the pot one way or another, meanwhile the potted plant has the freedom to move with the sun which allows for a unique experience that promotes the plant’s growth.

Handcrafted marble spheres inlaid with brass, formed of two easily separable halves that allow the user to play creating different accommodations.

This collection of sculptural pieces is born out of the desire of LZF Lamps’ founders, Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill, to collaborate and innovate via daring projects with artists and craftsmen of different disciplines.

Yuichi Ikehata is a talented photographer and artist, who created realistic sculptures of human body parts using clay, wire and paper and photographs the sculptures. Yuichi was born in 1975 in Chiba, Japan.

Bezel is a captivating pendant light that plays with visual dynamics of light and shadow. A stunning centrepiece, it features a two-tone aesthetic that contrasts the solid top with two types of bases - 'bezels', designed to suit personal tastes. 

Y-Hangers sits as a light-weight functional sculpture. The single-framed metal arm bends to create multiple hanging locations vertically. The hangers themselves are also designed, specifically, for loading the coat rack with numerous items, seamlessly, and consistently. And when not in use, the hangers sit flat, aligned with the metal, painted base. The overall result is one of clear thin lines that quietly add to a space, without dominating it. Which is beautiful.

A lighting fixture created through a collaboration with Italian designer Luca Nichetto. In a process and format similar to the Japanese poetry genre known as tanka (‘short poem’), in which the top three lines generate a further two-line response, the designers took turns coming up with a basic concept, which they then passed over to the other person to use as inspiration, and to further expand and develop. The project was an experiment in dynamic making, in which nothing was planned in advance.

The first edition of the House Shelves is a series of wall-mounted shelves inspired by the post modern architecture in Palm Springs. Future editions will feature shelves inspired by warehouses, grain elevators and other architectural icons. 

At a time in history when most of the industrial design world is following trends in anti-aging cosmetics and is trying to counteract even the healthy signs of aging, time is a precious resource, in a double sense, for the chair by Bartoli Design. Because it involves not only the use of a material – natural hide obtained by respecting all its characteristic properties – but also a process, used by Presot, a company which, since 1933, has been producing soles for leading Italian designer labels based on a centuries-old tradition. 

Dita is a small lamp inspired from the fashion industry. The felt lampshade is a hood that dresses a simple timber lamp base, mirroring the way stitchings brings 2D pattern to 3D shapes in the fashion making process.

Carved from a single block of wood, Chris Hedrick crafts everyday items and objects and making them appear soft, limp, stretched and fluid. 

It's a delight to receive a nice little project from a friend. ROBO is a type inspired by robots, with lots of colours.

Vase#1is a concrete vase inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s Palácio da Alvorada, the official residence of the President of Brazil. The vase, which is #1 in a new series of architecture-inspired vases, is made of rotation molded concrete. 

 'Origami' is abstract paper works by Keiko Mori, for Kilo Collective キロ. 

The Day and Night Light  is not only a beautiful, richly hued lamp, it also has a psychological benefit. The way the colours oscillate within the lamp is coordinated with the body’s circadian rhythm, and can help rebalance our internal cycles.