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Motor-Powered Floating Sauna That References The Scandinavian Tradition

 The wa_sauna is designed as a place for friends and the community to experience the water together. The motor-powered structure is a floating sauna that references the Scandinavian tradition where saunas are used as a place for gathering. The sauna is decked out with an electric trolling motor so it can power along exploring Seattle’s lakes letting boaters and kayakers tie off during a visit. It is built to accommodate up to six people keeping them warm via a wood burning stove.

A Lamp Made As If It Is Pierced Through By A Rod

The Pierced Light was born from experiments in glass blowing focusing on organic forms. The rounded body of glass is finished with an internal LED light to become a minimalist table lamp in copper, chrome, or gold. The lamp’s form takes shape when the molten glass is rolled and blown to increase its size, where it’s then pierced at an angle as it solidifies. After hardening, the glass is sandblasted to help soften the light when turned on.

A Beautiful and Functional Chair Born Out of A Simple Idea

Designer Khodi Feiz continues his successful relationship with Artifort with a simple idea that sees two parts, one sliding through the other, working as one to form a comfortable chair. Combining two foam molded upholstered parts, the Niloo chair seamlessly fits together much like the archetypical two-part African chair from the Congo region that inspired it.

Australian Artist Took The Most Hypnotic Pictures of Sand Waves

Australian artist Rikki-Paul Bunder offers us a fantastic series of conceptual photographs, focusing on sand dunes and their long waves sculpted by the element of wind. Enhanced by a powerful golden light, the images are as fascinating as they mesmerise over undulations.


Painter Facsinating Depiction of The Women in the Fields of Gold

In most of his fantastic paintings, Brooklyn-based painter Brad Kunkle depicts women, or rather muses, living in strange forest, sometimes buried and in other time, swim in fields of gold and silver leaf. As nymphs, he paints them naked but partly covered with natural elements. Sometimes, they seem to disintegrate poetically into small leaves by the wind.

Mother-Daughter Team Makes The Most Intricate Cookie Masterpieces

ButterWinks is a mother-daughter cookie company comprised of Shelley Bean and Mallory Mae. The duo churns out cookies that are so pristine and elaborate, they hardly even look real. The jaw-dropping creations feature pop culture characters, politicians, and other beautiful designs. 

Sofa That Showcase The Bentwood Technique At It's Best

Bow Sofa is designed with as few components as possible, showing the bentwood technique at its best; three ash arches held toghether by a bronze fitting with an upholstered comfortable leather seat. At Gemla Fabrikers each item is carefully produced by hand using the technique as when the factory started producing bentwood chairs more than a hundred years ago.

Crystal Installations Inspired by Mechanical Movement & Craftmanship

Czech lighting manufacturer Preciosa has created 'Crystal Automata', a series of crystal installations inspired by mechanical movement and the fascinating craftsmanship behind glassmaking and clockworks for Milan Design Week 2016.

Crystal Automata combines the fascination of Fire, Water, Air and Earth with the beguiling motion of automata, reinforcing both with the many facets of crystal. In Crystal Automata, the mechanical technology is exposed to view – not hidden away in a black box, but open, as in some complex wristwatches, so that the viewer may witness motion in action, appreciate the complexity of the mechanics and wonder at their perfection. 

Stool That Becomes Side-table, Storage and Even A Cooler!

JokJor Champ is not only a stool, side-table or storage unit, it is also a cooler; just perfect to keep your wine or beer chilled while enjoying the first rays of sun.

Mind-blowing Illusion Paintings That Make You Look Twice, At Least

There’s something magical about the way Cinta Vidal sees and paints the world - it’s a world that pulls you in to all the details and the potential and endlessness of her tiny planets filled with life, houses, campsites, people, and lovely trees! You'll see there's the likeness of Tomek SÄ™towski or perhaps M.C. Escher sort of fascination within.

Make Up Table Made to Look Like An Artist Canvas Easel

Victor Pucsek has designed a make up table which originates from a visual of a classic easel. The mirror holds a dual meaning, in the concrete sense as a self-reflection tool, and a window to our true selfs. Figuratively, a canvas which we can paint(ed) on to show the person we would like to be, identify ourselves with and the eyes we would like to see the world through.

Funny and Quirky Coffee Table Sporting Hairy Underside

Czech designer Karolina Fardova is the author of a funny coffee table named 'Fifty-Fifty'. This piece presents a customizable design which allows the user to build two different versions : one basic and one hairy. This object can be built and rebuilt easily like a puzzle. When the user lets it flat on the ground, it can be used as a fur carpet.

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