Photographer Stephanie Jarstad captured some men whose delightful decorations aren’t limited to their clothing or home decor. Instead, lighting, holly, berries, tiny stockings, and much more are attached to their long and impressive facial hair. She calls this quirky series the 12 Beards of Christmas.

Very nice and fantastic work from Brian Donnelly.

The Utility Mirror is made by polishing a piece of stainless steel to a mirror finish and dipping it in industrial rubber tool grip. By celebrating this marriage of industrial methods, the object encourages use with the language of utility.

Birds by MUT, is a collection of posters inspired by the birds which live in L´Albufera, an important natural reserve covering 21,120 hectares South of Valencia.

'High Tension' is a table lamps giving ambient light. Its aggressive structure is similar to electric power transmission. Metal structure in 8x8mm square bar enamelled in black.

The three-part mirror is designed to not only be a reflection of the onlooker, but also an imprint of the time, place and context, demonstrating how context and our self-image are inextricably linked. 

Have fun cracking some nuts with the Nut Hammer. It features a a soft silicone cup that pops in onto the cast iron hammer head with the nut in it, hit it hard against a hard surface, and enjoy.

Woorock Hammock Swing is a combination of a hammock and a swing. It is a creation for those people who love to spoil themselves after a long day.

The Vela lamp was handmade of last-cut metal, the simple table or desk lamp is composed of a cylinder and an “L”-shaped partial shade. Subtly finished in white or in a soft shade of orange, green, or grey, the minimalist, unique design piques interest without taking over the room.

A series of shoes inspired by old school sci-fi films and their imaginary visions of future, spaceships and unknown universes. Dated visions of technology and old fashioned retro styles create a lighthearted, humor reflection of the past versus the future.

Mirror polished brass watering can with integrated funnel and long spout.

 CatCube, a geometric nest made from cardboard that is designed and manufactured in Belgium.

This project shows the beauty of objects of unrefined appearance where a clay vase deformed by the weight of a stone. The pieces have been designed by Martin AzĂșa and produced in collaboration with the ceramist Marc Vidal.

Reminiscent of Pin-Up clothes, the sideboard and bedside tables shaping the 'Unbutton Collection' dive into the idea of unbuttoned beauty and seduction. Being inspired by a provocative retro style, these furniture items are perfectly suited for bedrooms that aspire to showcase a playful, yet elegant decor.

From buildings to monuments, the project 'Symmetric Lisbon' is created with two sides – the beholder and the photographer. These sides are, as required by law, equal and have the same objective: to show the city of Lisbon through the photographer's eye.