A simple system transforms from a flat bed to a sofa and a chair with the help of a metal support rest. The lightweight latex mattress is readily adjusted and cleaned, simplifying the task of furnishing a small space. Encased in what looks like linen, the prototype has a casual, even rustic quality to match its ease of use.

Artist creates complex, layered sculptures out of a variety of metals, including brass and stainless steel. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and arranged. 

Pure white aesthetic swing that you can actually DIY at home. Who doesn't want one?

A 3 seater sofa, armchair, chaise longue and single bed: all in one. Sofista is a modular and stackable sofa for convertible living rooms. A modular and stackable sofa that furnishes with style and functionality your living room. Remove the arm-rests and from sofa it becomes living area with armchair and chaise longue. 

Intricate and exquisite carvings of elaborate architecture sculptures in marble and stone.

Simple and sleek compartmentalised tray to create the perfect formation for any given meal. The tray has 20 individual magnetised compartments that can be mixed and matched together.

Artist uses thousands of small sewing buttons to craft larger-than-life sized portraits of celebrities. To compose these impressive works, the artist suspends hundreds of monofilament strings from the ceiling. 

GLOW makes a beautiful addition to any living room or as bedside table with a combination of table and a lamp.

Creating a fresh and disruptive approach to a smooth photography's 2 dimensional surfaces into sculptures and collages entirely out of photographs.

A great collaboration with Hong Kong Jockey Club to turn horse-related equipment - stirrup, into useful daily products. 

In 'Experimenta', the vases transform the flame to become flowers, the fuel becomes water and, itself is a transformation from a kerosene lamp.

Futuristic in conception, the unique 'Black Diamond' float knife block brings to mind the angles of a rough cut diamond, while its architectural quality reflects the finely angled handles of the knives.

Exceptionally intriguing ceramic art which at first glance seems more like illustration, in 3D! Check out more of her work at her site.

A playful light that is portable, personal and interactive. It is touch sensitive allowing you to select your preferred lighting mood.

Artist window for Hermès in Paseo de Gracià (Barcelona). This Carte Blanche tells the story of a fox who moved into the window with all his personal objects, showing a bit of his life and personality. The leather fox is living in a human interior composed with furnitures all made of paper, giving a surrealistic aspect to the scene. Each piece of the window display was made by hand.