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A Giant Glass Raindrop Balances on a Sculptural Bronze Man's Face in Ukraine

Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk created the 6-foot tall sculpture “Rain” as a symbol of man’s communication with nature, a dialogue between the human race and the world around us. The bronze sculpture features a nondescript man looking upward, a giant glass raindrop positioned over his face. This orb of translucent glass seems to balance perfectly, a sort of calm communing happening between the droplet and the solitary figure.

Visually Playful Coffee Table With Cartoon-like Clouds and Aerial Rockets

'Rocket Coffee Table' by Mousarris is visually playful bringing cartoon-like clouds and aerial rockets from a personal toy collection to life, in the form of a table. It combines various techniques from lathe to 3D printing, resin casting and traditional hand curved pieces, this table is fashioned to draw a smile on the face of nostalgic adults, children, and children trapped in adult bodies. The rockets are not attached to the glass giving the opportunity to each owner to form their own desired structure of the table.

Illustrator Animates Quirky & Kawaii Characters With Her Photography

Animator Yoyo the Ricecorpse creates quirky ghost-like characters that blends her original photography with hand-drawn illustrations in Photoshop. The illustrator says she’s inspired by animator Hayao Miyazaki, manga artist Eiichiro Oda, and writer Roald Dahl, something apparent in her attention to detail and her ability to suggest a larger narrative with just a few frames of animation.

Fantasy Creatures Made From Clay and Acrylic

Russian sculptor Evgeny Hontor imagines and shapes creatures that could belong to a magical and fairytale universe. Made with clay and covered with acrylic with dark patterns and tones, these little sculptures are extremely diversified as whales, turtles, elephants and unicorns are available within the collection.

Fountain Sculptures Designed for Water to Cascade Down Poetically

Created by Malgorzata Chodakowska, these stunning wood and bronze sculptures radiate a sense of tranquillity that complements the endless flowing water pouring forth from their limbs, hair, waists, and clothes. 

Collection of Vases That Look Like Partially Carved Into A Marble Block

'Svelata' is a new collection of marble vases imagined by Italian designer Moreno Ratti for Matter of Stuff. After his previous collection of vases, Moreno wanted to explore once again this material by building a vase into a white and brutal marble block. 

Stunning Pencil Shavings Becoming Tiny Technicolor Flowers

Japanese designer Haruka Misawa has reimagined the everyday process of pencil sharpening to create a delicate series of paper flowers. She prints paper with colour gradations, then wraps it in layers around a uniformly-toned core (in place of a typical pencil's graphite), creating a long cylinder to be spun gently through a sharpener.

Tiny technicolor petals blossom from the shavings, curling into wispy, whimsical blooms. Each one measures only 15-40mm in diameter but consists of countless combined slices that can be seen with a close look. 

Collection of Hand-Blown Vases Wedged Between Stone Bases

Stockholm-based Studio EO has designed a collection of sculptural vases that contrast hand-blown glass containers with wedges of granite, marble and onyx. The containers have been created to emphasise the contrast between the fluid shapes of the glass – which contains a small aperture for holding single flowers or small sprigs – and the geometric lines of the vases' stone supports.

Interesting Art Objects Made From Traditional Japanese Toy Fireworks

'Party Animal' is an art project by a creative team and is made from traditional Japanese Toy Fireworks. This project aims to rekindle the exciting, magical and fun moments in one's childhood. It is not a challenge on technique or creative mind, but just a simple passion for the pursuit of fun.

Collection Of Lights Designed Based On The Golden Ratio

'GOBO' lights created by Nicolas Brevers are the results of a research for perfect proportions, harmony and balance. His designs are based on the golden ratio, source of beauty for centuries.
They dress up the space with their atomic shapes and sublimate by their eternalness, modulating by projecting geometrical pure shadows. The lightings refer to the essence of natural elements by releasing a dimension of lightness and well-being.

Tiny Toy Cars In Dramatic Adventures Captured by Photographer

'Traveling Cars Adventures' is a series of photography by Kim Leuenberger featuring little toy cars and scooters set in dramatic or scenic places going across all sorts of terrains. 

Chick-Like USB Light Allows You to Customise Like An Art Toy

'Best Before' customizable USB light designed by Thierry Gaugain to be customized like an art toy. These chick like lamps come in black, white, and grey.

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