Epiphytes is a home garden design that takes its name from a type of plant that grows on the outside of other things, such as trees, instead of in soil. 

Manual Coffeemaker NÂș1 is a single-cup coffee maker designed to celebrate the ritual of making coffee by hand.

Felt Droplet is a wall mounted system made of natural felt that can support shelves, planters, panels and more.

WAV 40 plays on the senses and draws inspiration from sensory stimulus. It is designed as a changeable case for the Muji ultrasonic aroma diffuser. WAV 40 provides a customization area for the user to make it unique for them.

The Labyrinth Table is a playful design which builts around a steel core, the piece is covered and detailed with 5mm-thick strips of massive maple. 

Oboo lets the user stack, change, and move the geometric wooden parts to create a sculptural food stand. Made of turned maple wood, the design was inspired by piled up stones giving you the feeling of stacking objects like when you were little. 

Tableau is an automatic houseplant watering tray. It mimics the natural wet-dry cycle of groundwater, for healthier plants. True to nature, its ebb-and-flow irrigation system uses zero electricity.

Foodography is an integrated experience in Tel Aviv, built around a meal inspired by Carmel wines, and featuring a special food photography workshop, using each course of the meal to teach diners lessons about the aspects of smartphone food photography. 

Birds, a series of closeup photos of feathers.

Firewood makes a statement by keeping the form basic and simple, while tying together the relationship between the candle and the holder by playing with the properties and color of the material. 

Thailand-based Dhavebaj Anupabsthian’s Instagram feed will keep you scrolling for more with its visuals of geometric shapes and lines. 

SHAPE UP is a versatile lighting series in celebration of geometric shapes, and materials. 

Artist Sydney Cash paint patterns with oil paint applied onto prints of historical portraits. The patterns shift the imagery toward a contemporary vocabulary. These remastered portraits create a dialogue with the work of artists from the past.

TALWST is a Canadian-Trinidadian artist engaged in mixed media and performance practices. Through his work, he explores the narrative of art history, whilst inserting elements of contrasting cultures in order to engage a larger audience and in hopes of broadening the addressed themes in art historical discourse.

Seven door was designed to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Abe Kogyo, a manufacturer of wooden front and interior doors, partitions, fixtures and custom-made furniture.