Artist creates stunning works of art using food as her medium. The Italian artist produces intricate paintings that look as though they’ve been created by spills or drippings from a spoon. Portraits, animals, and sprawling seas appear so effortlessly crafted that they look like they were just happenstance.

Citrus Juicer made of hand blown, multilayer coloured glass which was then carved and ground. 

The design of the 'Rocking Swing' takes details of the language of both objects - the rocking chair and the swing - combines it in a subtle way to break it down to the essential. Clear lines invite the user to understand the functions: the seat in leather is hanging with ropes in the metallic main frame to allow swinging while the frame itself is formed to have blades and generate a gentle rocking movement. 

The Lilium Series were created to explore the relationship between the geometric and the organic, mixing symmetrical repetitions with elaborate abstract shapes. Through each of these techniques, the designer captures natural growth, calling forth nature’s sometimes random generations and curious patterns.

"Vache A Lait", designed for the exhibiton "Milk LAB, designers reinvent milk", is a lovely project to reconnect people with where milk comes from. There's "The Domestic Cow" dispenser and "The Milking Glass". A fusion of two basics of umpteen past generations - the milk jug and milk urn - it reminds us that before becoming an industrial product, milk is the product of a living animal.

The Floating Record is a high-performance turntable that plays your records vertically through built-in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers (or via RCA line out).

Bread Stamps which is a part of a six month project called Forno Pubblico (Public or Communal Ovens) working along with Miele.

Mistakes are not set in stone. A perfect gift for urban planners, engineers and architects.

Awesome wood sculptures of Japanese men wearing fundoshi (traditional Japanese undergarment for adult males, made from a length of cotton) 

 “OLDWAYS: a little wooden collection” draws on tradition to create pieces that, although described as “basic” and “casual” by the artist, are undeniably modern in their simplicity. 

Gorgeous new limited editions from Spanish artist Raul Guerra.

Simon and Nikolai Haas' work distinguishes itself for it's aesthetic and formal exploration of subjects like nature, fantasy, sexuality, psychedelia and theory of colour. 

Can you imagine how much effort and delicacy has to put into to make such beautiful crocheted leaf sculptures.

“Galleons and Feathers” is inspired by Wing Wo Wave City, an industrial estate in Zhuijang Province, China which manufactures a massive amount of pearl adornment. 

The ABALLS is a collection of lamps that combines the world class craftsmanship skills of Bosa with the traditional artistry of hand blown glass.