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Dutch Artist Creates Tiny Islands Inside Test Tubes

For her series Micro Matter, Amsterdam-based designer and art director Rosa de Jong created towering houses and tall buildings inside the narrow confines of large glass test tubes. Perhaps comparable to a ship in bottle, the little houses and buildings are all handmade using natural objects and some model making elements like faux moss. Some pieces even play with gravity and appear to grow both upward and downward.

Hyperrealistic Paintings of Mouses With Wings & Fishes

Lisa Ericson is an artist who represents in paintings animals and their environment. In her latest series, she reproduced mouses with wings as well as fishes and their coral environment on their tail. She uses strong colours and makes very precise creations that are more real than nature.

Photographer Captures San Francisco's Fog Against Neon Skies

Photographer Nick Steinberg has been capturing the thick fog common to the San Francisco area for the last eight years. His works, all produced in-camera and without Photoshop, bring out the neon hues found in the morning sky, colors which deeply contrast the blue and grey fog rolling over the forests below. To ensure consistency in his photography, Steinberg checks cams, satellites, and other data forecasts—tools that allow him to peak into the upcoming days’ weather patterns.

Kinetic Sculptures That Celebrate Natural Beauty and Balance

Eden is a pair of kinetic sculptures, composed by small floating vases that celebrate natural beauty and balance. The pieces are constructed of glass tubes and handcrafted solid brass components. 

The lightness of these simple elements highlights the beauty of the flowers and leaves, which truly complete the design. Gently swinging by air currents, Eden becomes a gracious presence in a room.The project is inspired by the delicate harmony found in nature, where each part needs of the other in order to be balanced. 

World's First Postcard-Kaleidoscope Lets You DIY and Sent Easily

Paperscope works as a unique postcard: inside the envelope you’ll find a DIY kaleidoscope that can be used to create patterns out of anything you like. Along with the pieces there’s a simple step by step instruction. Making the Paperscope is just as fun as playing with the end result.

Fun Inflatable Bunny Shaped Chair Ideal For Kid's Room

All Start's Rabito Inflatable Chair Fun inflatable bunny shaped chair. Ideal for children's room. Easy to inflate and transport. 

This Wall Hanging Branch Has Magnets Fix Into It To Hold Knives

BUCHHOLZBERLIN's Messerast magnetic knife rack branches lets you bring a little bit of nature back into your kitchen.

Light System Made With Perfect Balance of Artistry and Functionality

The Tube Pendant Collection by Studio Naama Hofman is a modular light system designed with maximum configuration flexibility and spatial adaptability. Fabricated with LED – illuminated acrylic tubes and held together by brass rods and connected with threaded brass rings, the modular system consist of light tubes which can easily be assembled in various compositions according to the spatial requirements. 

Artist Creates Amazing Photo-Collage With Woman Juxtapose on Seashell

Erzsebet Nagy Saar is a curious talent who always experimenting various possibilities with materials and composition. These four collages from the series 'Nautilus' set a good example where, the lovely humans placed on the mother-of-pearl are like little mermaids, captivating us with their mysterious beauty… The reflects and the light give a certain nostalgia to these creations.

Artist Turning Paper Into Unusual Colourful Lifelike Flowers And Plants

Seattle-based paper artist Kate Alarcón has an uncanny ability to turn paper materials into lifelike flowers and plants. Alarcón works primarily with European crepe paper in various weights to create delicately rippled petals, stems, and has even perfected techniques to craft convincing succulents. She shares all of her creations on Instagram and occasionally offers workshops if you’re in the Seattle area.

Amazing Colourful Life-Sized Coral Reefs Art Depicts The Aquatic World

American artist Courtney Mattison continues to create amazing life-sized ceramic coral reefs that she hangs on walls. Through her work 'Our Changing Seas III', she depicts this aquatic world with simple materials such as chopsticks and brushstrokes. Behind this project, there’s the will to fight against the pollution of nature and highlight its beauty. This installation will be presented until the 28th August at the Palo Alto Art Center.

Billiard Balls Painted With Emoticons Making The Game More Amusing

Poolmoji is a project that combines sculpture, design and painting, that was instigated by Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec and carried out along with Joseph Davies, Sonali Ranjit, Xuan Pham and Winigreeni. The concept is to paint billiard balls that take the shape of emoticons and make the game more amusing. You will therefore experience all types of emotions during your games.

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