meeting roofs

Commissioned by Kvadrat, these umbrellas were created to be the fastest way to set up a meeting room, just by opening an umbrella of different dimensions. Meetings for many, meetings for a few.

By Gonçalo Campos.

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sakura | 3d poster

A simple poster of Sukura that seems to 'pop out' from the paper.  Simply beautiful.

By Andrew Zo.

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Currently obsessed with these stunning wooden Swarm lights ~ they are like glowing wooden cuttlefish suspended around...

Giving new meaning to the word enlightenment, the genius of the Swarm Lamp lies in its ability to attain the feeling of suspended motion, each lamp tethered in a perfect harmony of light.

By Jangir Maddadi.

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infinite chapters

Don't you love these delightfully distorted tricycles in unexpected shapes forming a playful series of figurative sculptures too.

By artist Sergio Garcia.

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Amazing sculptures

Animals created with mesh of wire gauze. A singular and poetic creation that places the viewer in the centre of the work and questions. 

By Tomohiro Inaba.

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'Caramel' is a series of extremely artsy and interesting furniture.

By Yasmin Müller.

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gradient | shelving units

This bookcase is the result of combining an innovative structure with common materials and a very straightforward assembly system. Each leg formed from a flat piece of phenolic plywood, and bent during the assembly of the components.

By Kutarq Studio.

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vatek rolling pins

Engraved rolling pins of little kitties, dogs, foxes and patterns to cheer up your cookies!

These rolling pins also work with cakes, pasta, sugar frosting to cover the cake and even dumplings!

You can buy it here.

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'Palitos' is a series of lamps which explores the use of found materials around us. Giving a new life to old fruit crates – leftovers from local shops, but in this case the process has developed into a low-tech production.

'Palitos' [spanish for 'little sticks] are lamps of contrasts. The wooden chaos and the simple metal lines. The fragile translucent wood which is torn down to pieces by hand and the solid powder casted steel which needs powerful tools to be bent.

By Sergio Mendoza.

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stan coffee table

'Stan' is a coffee table in glass and tubular steel powder coated.

By Luis Arrivillaga.

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