It is a lamp-pot that is born from the contemplation of a peculiar horizon; a drive at night down a darkened road and of the exploration of materials; marble and onyx utilizing the magic of lighting.

A collection of sculptural work that is full of colourful circles and dots.

Unique, soft, comfortable and relaxing are the words that define the 'nest', a successful fusion between furniture and playground.

This is the new hipster travel coffee kit. Essential: functionality, quality, size and good looks all in one package.

A playful packaging design which uses standard egg box packaging in a unique way that allows the consumers to interact with the pack and design. 

Interesting, beautiful and sensual illustrations.

Hagakure means Hidden Leaves, name of The Book of The Samurai, the spiritual guide of Ghost Dog, contract killer living among pigeons on New York buildings in Jim Jarmusch’s movie.

Lacelamps, collection by French designers Linlin & Pierre-Yves Jacques inspired by traditional lace and fully revisited through 3D printing.

Tilia' freestanding hanger that can be also used as a seating. 

Dutch Coffee Machine specialist: Dutch Lab's new creation AKMA is born with a new evil and dark concept. The definition of AKMA comes from the Korean word [악마] which means “Devil”.

The design scientists and creators added a mysterious and dark aura to the steampunk concept, its dark colour and sharp design makes it have a fictional and fantastic evil concept.

Dunk is a warm and friendly fantasy creature in the form of an upcycled bottle lamp. It is inspired by the idea of finding beauty & joy in simple objects of daily use. 

This all glass Humo ashtray holds in the smoke, "transforming a volatile matter into complementary poetry to the object".

Working with Panasonic, this project was inspired by different design epochs such as art nouveau, modernism and digitalism, and pushes the boundaries of additive manufacturing in terms of detailing and material thicknesses.

Grit is a furniture series that’s inspired by the natural wear and tear caused by time.  While designing the collection, sandpaper as the main tool to echo the aged effect of time. It has almost becomes a canvas, where unique textures are created by grinding a wide spectrum of wood on the sandpaper.

 Emmanuelle Moureaux has transformed the space in Shinjuku Central Park in Tokyo using full spectrum of floating colors. Having high rise buildings in the background, the 100 colored strands dance in the breeze, as if they are breathing in and out, creating a dynamic motion.