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Magne Turntable

Magne possessed divine strength, and the design reflects that vitality. Made with minimal geometry, each metal plate and component complements each other by emulating an aggressiveness, cutting into each other with great precision at symmetrical angles. Being an airbearing turntable, Magne gives undisrupted tunes with brilliant clarity. 

 The name Magne means “strength”. In Nordic mythology Magne is the super baby, son of Thor, the God of Thunder, and when he is three days old he is so strong that he can lift a dead giant away from his father, who is pinned underneath. 

CUBRIC: Handmade Toolbox

Cubric is a little, handmade toolbox of very reduced dimensions: measuring only 12 cm³ big. 

It was developed during the product design semester project called "FAT", in which topics of excess and overabundance were treated. Toolboxes are usually aesthetically unpleasing objects, generally designed to contain as many tools as possible, with very little attention to their appealing potential.
This is the reason why the designers decided to give life to their very own version of the not just a everyday's toolbox, but a proper, good-looking design object.


Visual Fragrance is a really beautiful white porcelain incense burner that made to look like undulating mountains.

The Mesh Series Shelves

Australia-based Bride & Wolfe, have designed a range of wall shelves named The Mesh Series.

True to their name, the shelves have been designed with a variety of perforated holes, making it look like mesh. Each flat-packed shelf is made from metal, that has then been powder-coated. The Mesh Series also comes in a variety of shapes and colours, like pale dove greys, peony pink and mint.

Valletta Floor Lamp

Valletta is a floor lamp composed by a steel tubular structure and a lampshade in metal conical shape. The lampshade, which is simply placed on the tubular structure, is manually adjustable in height, thanks to a textile cord, knotted to the structure. 

Valletta has a dual function: Besides being a floor lamp, it is a valet stand that can accommodate clothes, books and magazines.

Playfully Embroidered X-Ray Film

Artist uses bright thread to embroider on X-ray film to add a touch of softness and quirkiness to stark images of skulls, knees, and chests. His additions add a playful fiction to the cold reality of the transparent film, giving body parts the faces of Greek gods and limbs of anger-prone superheroes.

Via: Colossal

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Pinocchio Vase 2.0

Pinocchio Vase 2.0 is created by Taiwan-based designer KIMU Design. Due to the designers’ continued interest in plants, they developed the idea of Pinocchio 2.0. By switching the wooden ball on Pinocchio 1.0 to a metal plate, its flexibility is still preserved, while creating a reflection. The surface reflection that is created on the arc turns a single plant into a vivid image.

Tales You Lose

Tales You Lose was born on Instagram, and it’s an initiative by Andre Levy (a.k.a. @zhion), 

“We are constantly surrounded by pop figures – in films, in music, comics, and even in gossip magazines. They are sometimes our escape from reality, our fantasies. Coins portray something opposite: the real, the everyday. ​This project is about individual expression in opposition to massified thinking, about how our personal passions are more worthy than things that are imposed to us. The paint brings to the faces of kings and presidents borrowed narratives from other famous characters and unleash individual alternative stories.” - Andre Levy

DUNE: Flatware Set

Dune is an aluminum flatware set inspired by the concept of food design meant as experimental cuisine and molecular gastronomy: a culinary research lab that seeks to explore the technical, artistic and social aspects of cooking.

The name Dune echoes the shape of the flatware: in each piece the straight handle leads to a curvy transition that resembles a sand dune. The Dune package is freestanding and can be used to easily and elegantly store the flatware set or it can be used as a rack to display the flatware set and show the connection between food and design.

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