Arizona Stoneware Collection is a limited edition of vases, pots and planter where every piece is a one-off items.

A collection of paper cut-out models representing brutalist architecture of London from 1960s-1970s. The collection is made up of five illustrated models to assemble and exhibits all kinds of original details present on the buildings` facades.

Located in Su-in Line Memorial Park, Dispersion is designed for restoring part of narrow-gauge train at one end and being melt into its surroundings at the other. 

 'PaperTrophy' is a series of wall-mounted and freestanding papercraft decor designed in Berlin by Holger. A playful and cruelty-free alternative to hunting trophies, the collection is a contemporary take on mounted heads and taxidermy. The polygon designs are made of quality, eco-friendly paper. The large geometric forms represent conventionally hunted, rare, and imaginary animals such as rhinos, lions, deer, penguins, gorillas, elephants, and unicorns. Each style makes for a bright and impressive display.

Photographer Radu Zaciu illuminates fruits and vegetables from the inside out in his unique photo series, “The Light Inside”. The concept is similar to a Jack-o’-Lantern, except instead of cutting directly through the skins, Zaciu left thin layers of the external walls intact. This allows the light bulbs to illuminate the natural fibers of the skins, providing a new look at the makeup of the things we eat.

Frames 2.0 is a grid system made up of of 12 wooden frames that as a free-standing bookcase and/or as a room divider can be used. The ‘boards’ have different widths, and are open in the middle. This makes them suitable for some books, but also something can be hung in. The open frames deliver an exciting game of lines. Of certain viewing points, the frames seem as if they were floating relative to each other.

Discarded glasses become vessels to grow plants which is what 'Plantation' is all about. It was established because of the need to find a remarkable, almost symbolic use of what has been abandoned. The result is a porcelain object that rests in a common glass and which allows the observation of the growing process of plants, both its stem as well its root.

Martin Pfister is a talented nature photographer based in Bavaria, Germany. Martin shoot a lot of landscapes and vegetarian photography.

Inspired by the peony flower (botan is the Japanese word for peony) 'Botan Sofa' has originality, exudes sensitivity and delicacy in a very feminine note. Attractive, unique and chic, it makes you love it at first sight. 

With a fondness for reinterpreting traditional products, the designer Simon Legald has taken the well-known wine accessories as his starting point. He has added a fresh and unique character to the Basic series by using industrial materials such as titanium-coated stainless steel and silicone. The coating makes the material extra strong and gives it an exclusive silky finish.

A lounge and a series of chocolate were specially designed for the "Designer of the Year" award ceremony during Maison & Objet 2015.

Poopy Cat has recently launched and successfully funded their newest creation, BLOCKS within 5 days. It is a modular package that contains beams, cubes, a tunnel, bridge, on ramp, and two types of connectors so you can easily build a personalized playhouse for your cat.

After reading the novel The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, artist was intrigued with the meaning and symbols of flowers and started gathering flowers to create floral typography.

Seed photo series taken under microscope and the seeds were collected from the Nordic Gene Resource Center and bound for Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

New York-based artist and illustrator sees the world a little differently and as part of his creative practice, he sets time aside every Sunday to experiment with different visual concepts. Much of which he shares on his Instagram account, but you can see much more over on his Tumblr.