A solo trip across Europe and Asia has led Rémi Chapeaublanc to Mongolia. The discovery of this land where Man has desecrated Nature has draw inspiration to achieve the series Gods & Beasts.

'Lamaneurs' is a series of urban furnitures that invite the habitants to slow down and enjoy their city.

Janusz Grünspek's wooden frame replicas of everyday objects.

Margarita Sampson works predominantly in soft sculpture & contemporary jewellery. Her work is strongly influenced by her Norfolk Island background, referencing natural forms, patterns & textures, in particular underwater lifeforms. 

Ovis Hanging Chair is a reinterpretation of a classic sling chair employing unexpected material combinations to celebrate each material's innate quality.

 Goldtatze, which means “gold paws”, is innovative modular cat furniture. Goldtatze offers custom-designed furniture such as suspension bridges, climbing-scratching poles, and kitty condos that are suspended from the ceiling.

Combining smooth, turned wood with acrylic inlays, designer Anki Gneib created a collection of lighting called Light Troopers. Each piece’s wood component has four slices of the acrylic integrated in letting light pass through in vertical beams.

Mist Vase is made specially to hold your dried flowers. The vase is made up of three simple parts – a base, a frame, and a material. The ash wood base and stainless steel frame come in either stained black or gray, while the lycra sleeve is available in black, gray, brown, and pink.

Wald Plug Lamp ~ floor lamp stripped to the most essential parts, then thoughtfully reassembled as a versatile lamp to fit any room.

Art installation by Sara Coleman developed in collaboration with Jose Bravo - Innovative Knitting Crafts and ESDEMGA - University of Vigo (Spain).

Entitled La Mise en Abîme, the mesmerising installation comprises two large, extremely precise and impeccably finished receptacles in which vast quantities of used oil are contained. Shaped like giant puddles, the sculptures with their shiny, and lacquer surfaces reflect the surrounding, allowing the viewers to interact with the architecture of the church by being pulled into the reflection so that they, in turn, become part of the sculpture itself. 

Korean artist Jihyun Park has been using incense sticks to burn thousands of tiny holes into rice paper, generating beautifully detailed landscapes, clouds, trees and mountains. In the appropriately named Incense Series, the final drawings are mounted on varnished canvases, allowing the viewers eyes to see shadows created by the holes, and a reflection of light from the white canvases.

Pikaplant Jars are no-maintenance indoor plants. Because it's hermetically sealed it continuously recycles the water and air inside its biotope.

'Transition' is a graduating thesis project of Shoko Konishi where this paper structure, which doesn't look like much on the outside. Just some paper cylinders in a circular form with a small entrance. But inside is a blossoming dome on the ceiling that creates a transformational experience.

 The "Aligned Lamp', with a 360 degree rotation, the fulcrum makes the lamp highly functional while also acting as a design element. With each angle, it casts a different glow, from ambient to spot lighting.