Aura mirror series are developed out of a metaphor of a glowing object. 

Amazing paper cutouts from self-taught artist from Japan. 

Getting its name, structure and its ability to adapt to the surroundings from the inspiration of the bamboo plant. 

Fun and edible! What else can you ask?

The bricks, which are made of white, milk, dark and pink chocolate, are totally functional. 

The DNA Bench is a minimalist piece of furniture with a spiral shape inspired by the dynamic forms of biogenetic. The result is a wraparound furnishing element by the particular form helix, each step of which corresponds to a session suitably separated from the other.

Beautiful animals in moirĂ©. 

Reconstructing and transforming 2D art into 3D which encourages audience to touch and explore new possibilities. While on the other hand, deconstructs existed material such as books and publications, stripping them of their identity to recreate new perspective and aesthetic.

Utilising a material not often thought about for anything other than what it is – cooled lava. This is a magnificent collection of furnitures and objects, using basalt, an igneous rock that forms when basaltic lava cools quickly, that came about from the debris left behind on November 20, 2013 when Mount Etna erupted in Sicily. 

Self-taught artist and photographer takes the humble corn flakes and transform them to something so awesome – creating portraits of Musicians' faces out of corn flakes.

A simple system transforms from a flat bed to a sofa and a chair with the help of a metal support rest. The lightweight latex mattress is readily adjusted and cleaned, simplifying the task of furnishing a small space. Encased in what looks like linen, the prototype has a casual, even rustic quality to match its ease of use.

Artist creates complex, layered sculptures out of a variety of metals, including brass and stainless steel. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and arranged. 

Pure white aesthetic swing that you can actually DIY at home. Who doesn't want one?

A 3 seater sofa, armchair, chaise longue and single bed: all in one. Sofista is a modular and stackable sofa for convertible living rooms. A modular and stackable sofa that furnishes with style and functionality your living room. Remove the arm-rests and from sofa it becomes living area with armchair and chaise longue. 

Intricate and exquisite carvings of elaborate architecture sculptures in marble and stone.

Simple and sleek compartmentalised tray to create the perfect formation for any given meal. The tray has 20 individual magnetised compartments that can be mixed and matched together.