Alain Delorme's Murmurations - Ephemeral Plastic Sculptures, composed not of starlings, but plastic bags.

Portuguese street artist Odeith has created a series of anamorphic graffiti artworks that cleverly play with perspective. These letters were spray painted on various surfaces, and across corners of wall, creating three-dimensional optical illusions that would trick your eyes.

Tea bags that look like goldfish. 

'Scape' are vases taking the form of soft rolling mounds that transform any flat surface into a hilly landscape. The vases, which can be used to hold flowers, have hexagonal bases in order to seamlessly link two or more of the vessels together, evoking the user to create a setup and landscape of his or her choosing.

Color Me Thanksgiving Cookies - flooded with smooth royal icing, you can decorate them yourself with edible markers.

While volunteering for the Audubon's BirdSafe program the photographer collected many birds that met untimely deaths due to collisions with built structures. Displayed are some of the birds being found, fully intact with everything that they were, aside from a conscience and a pulse. The birds are photographed in ways representative of the moment of impact or the aftermath of impact. 

Intricate ceramic sculptures by Matthew Chambers.

'Colors' is a book and alongside with 'Dots' and 'Lines' to form a series, and the difference from the each other is their pattern. 

Also called 'Edible Gold'. 

Modern cat beds from Lord Paw.

Vise captures a hand-blown glass globe within brass claws machined to follow the gentle curvature of the glass. The illumination is set high inside the globe, creating a soft glow that gradually fades towards the opening.

Adorable Le Labo solid perfumes in a little metal capsule. 

The solid perfume is a brand new way to wear your signature scent. Just toss this refillable metal object in your pocket or bag and wear Le Labo on the go.

The House of Mirrors is a reinterpretation of the classic Australian Beach Hut, an architectural typology that traditionally sits boldly and brightly in the landscape, blocking out the exterior environment whilst proclaiming its own presence. 

Between painting, illustration and typography, this is a selection of the soft and delicate creations of graphic designer June Digan, based in Manila, Philippines. A nice mix of lettering and watercolor.

Monstera Magnifica and Monstera Fugiens are two special plant pots which revived in every room and houseplant. The fragile-looking legs of the Monstera are made of steel bars. These are bent by hand until the "roots" of the plant and covered with epoxy clay. This industrial, chemical clay hardens itself. Big bumps are primed, sanded and finally everything is covered by a thick layer high gloss lacquer.