This all glass Humo ashtray holds in the smoke, "transforming a volatile matter into complementary poetry to the object".

Working with Panasonic, this project was inspired by different design epochs such as art nouveau, modernism and digitalism, and pushes the boundaries of additive manufacturing in terms of detailing and material thicknesses.

Grit is a furniture series that’s inspired by the natural wear and tear caused by time.  While designing the collection, sandpaper as the main tool to echo the aged effect of time. It has almost becomes a canvas, where unique textures are created by grinding a wide spectrum of wood on the sandpaper.

 Emmanuelle Moureaux has transformed the space in Shinjuku Central Park in Tokyo using full spectrum of floating colors. Having high rise buildings in the background, the 100 colored strands dance in the breeze, as if they are breathing in and out, creating a dynamic motion.

Milo is an interior glass lampshade which expose and gives extra light to the blooming potted plants. 

Jaw dropping series of artwork from artist Jakub Rozalski. The dystopian future, in a mesmerizing way.

Bottle Humidifier Mini is a minimalist design produced by South Korea-based company 11+. The bottle humidifier preserves their strict principles on creating premium quality design products at accessible prices. The humidifier is a beautifully harmonious fusion of precision engineering with the prestige of 11+ design aesthetics.

These cool objects are part of the first collection of solid concrete designs by Frenchmen Bertrand Jayr and Lyon B├ęton. The collection includes a pipeline vase, a bookend in the shape of a brain, a cloud shaped which holds toilet paper rolls and a magazine rack that look like a folder.

Sputnik-5, coffee table planter hybrid, a homage to the pioneer satellite.

Tame, ceramic seating collection: offers a refreshing variation to mass-produced furnishings with refined, functional sculptural pieces. The range is made up of the Bear and Fox seating.

Master of illusions Alex Chinneck’s latest mind-boggling public art installation is on show in what must surely be the spiritual home of his craft; one of the busiest piazzas in London and its theatrical hub.  

Skull-Shaped Japanese Sugar from Wasanbon, a fine-grained premium Japanese sugar, traditionally made in the Shikoku prefectures of Tokushima and Kagawa. 

SOUVENIRS is a series of five desk accessories that offers a new interpretation of the most iconic Italian monuments.

FollowMe lamp is not only portable, it’s rechargeable too, meaning you can take it with you and never have to worry about buying batteries! The small, self-contained design works both indoors and out and is made with a swinging lampshade made from white polycarbonate. When it needs a recharge, simply plug it into a USB port.

The 2014 Collection for Henriot-Quimper, a unifying vision of modern beauty and local Breton heritage, make for a very successful collaboration between Mathieu Pung and the manufacture Henriot.