Array is made up of colorful foam blocks in various shapes that you can compose into different configurations. Each felt-covered block has a built-in yellow strap that allows you to tie the pieces together to hold them in place. The idea throws convention out the window and does away with the standard “TV-carpet-couch” idea, giving you more control of your own space.

Mizu is a transformable piece of furniture whose fluid shelves adapt based on what you place on them. Its Japanese name translates to water, which is perfectly reflected in its undulating shelves.

Modernity, simplicity, and quality are the core principles of Studio KANARI’s designs. With the belief that beauty is equally as important as functionality, their products for the home are for those who “fancy aesthetics as well as quintessence.”

Ellum is a highly efficient, battery powered light that can be placed anywhere and illuminates when you need it. 

DLX Trunk is a steamer trunk for the modern traveler in bent aluminium and hardwood. DLX blurs the lines between military trunks and classic luxury luggage. The trunks come with their matching folding racks.

The ‘Alba’ vase is a porcelain vase which has a vaguely human form with its waist tied in by a leather belt. A detail that suffices to transform an everyday object into something personal and unique. Alba will be available in white or celadon porcelain.

The Comal Shelves use continuous wooden threads to expand into place. They are completely collapsable and fit ceilings both high and low.

More than just a wall fitting, these practical shelves are an elegant interior design feature enhancing wall surfaces. Egala shelves have a multitude of uses: displaying objects, giving pride of place to photographs and paintings, or just simply a useful place to put keys and sundry items.

Beanbag chair from the Korean brand Rabito. Looks cute in every room of your house and is great for lounging.

The Tunnel Lamp is inspired by movement of train lights through subway tunnels the lamp plays with the properties of a movable light source within a confined space.

Lamp inspired by nature, and designed using parametric tools, mimicking the opening of flower petals. 

'Hideaways' collection of art prints, each sits in a different geometric shape on the print and focuses on a different special little getaway in the forest, including A-Frame houses, retro caravans and tree houses.

Aiming to combine comfort for cats with their own passion for design, Meyou built a collection of “classy furniture for discerning cats” in three different shapes. Each little home is made of high-quality organic materials, including wood, woven cotton, or felt.

New Mexico is a series of ethically designed objects that uses a combination of store-bought terra-cotta clay pots, wood components handmade with a lathe, and 3D printing to create plant pots, ceiling lamps, table lamps, and speakers.

The Now and Then project is a result of many new symbiotic collaborations. A relationship formed between metal and clay, and new partnership between architect/product designer and silversmith/jewelry designer.