Leather&Brass Mirror is a minimalist design created by London-based designer Katharina Eisenköck. The tall mirror features a slim profile, forcing the focus onto the materiality and reflection created from its surfaces. The brass extends from the side of the mirror toward the bottom in which a circular stand is created for the base. The handle is placed at the top of the mirror for easier transporting.

Ceramicist Christopher David White (previously) accurately captures the decay of wood through ceramics, portraying the distinct character of the natural material from the fine wood grain to the light ash coloration at the pieces’ edges. By utilizing a trompe l’oeil technique, White forces the viewer to take a closer look at his work while also investigating the truth hidden in the hyperrealistic sculptures.

Seasonal affective disorder – commonly referred to as SAD – is a debilitating state of depression related to the seasonal disappearance of sunlight during the autumn and fall and winter months. Sufferers can feel lethargic and depressed, alongside battle sleeping issues. 

'COMBINE' is a pot conceived as a game, which expresses the love for objects of daily use combined with the desire to restore their nobility through different materials.

Product design student created 50 DEN, a project that found a sustainable way to transform some old clothing, in this case recycled sheer tights, into a long-lasting product that the user can enjoy over time.

A young french designer created a medical collection of furniture called Jardin d'hiver. Every piece is integrating aromatherapy and light therapy to alleviate sleep disturbances and anxiety, and engages the user’s sight, smell and tactile 

Art toys made of concrete.

Trunk is a series of pierced wooden vases to create bud vases that can accommodate a small amount of flowers. The ducts are Waterproof with coloured resin to give them a touch of whimsy.

This is the jigsaw puzzle for the 21st century. 

Petits Anges (little angles in French) are a set of knife holder which is both an inspired wall decoration and a knife stand to place your knives and kitchen tools in style.

Norwegian artist has perfectly captured the essence of the arctic in his latest double exposure photographs.

The lamp is created to give you simple and functional lighting. It can be left on the floor, on the shelf, or against the wall.

Curved shapes, feminine lines mixed with elegant lightness and modernism are the hallmarks of Wiener chair.

'OakStool' is a collection of raw solid oak stool, stencil printed with delicate lace or graphics, for an unexpected, somewhat jarring juxstaposition. 

Berlin artist duo Various & Gould have taken their love of screen-printing to new heights with “Facetime,” a colorful mural that spans a 350 square meter façade on the border of Mitte and Kreuzberg.