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nixie tube clock

There are clocks that tell time and yet there are clocks that display its beauty through telling time.

The Nixie Tube clock is a celebration of purist elegance. Its distinguishing markup is the combination of massive cherry wood and shiny black anodized aluminum constituting certain gentility. Imposing reflections on the black surface repeat the full beauty of these rare tubes.

1 comment:

  1. what a beautiful clock. reminds me of when I was in an electronics parts store once, maybe 30 years ago. on the counter was a little wooden box with 1 nixie inside a smoked glass flashing 5 over and over. I thought what is this little box, just flashing 5's. for what purpose would someone spend whatever the price tag said for just one nixie flashing 5's. Then I happened to look at my watch (analog watch bthw). It was 5:55 pm. I was a clock! Any other time, flashing a different sequence I would have instantly figured a clock but 5,5,5 on one nixie?


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