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NUDE: Human Sculptures in Hermetic Contemplation

There's so much emotions in Ugo Rondinone's sculptures... it's as if like they stripped off all barriers and reveal it barely to you. This is an exhibition of new works by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone at the Gladstone Gallery.

Made from a mixture of wax and earth pigments, these seven human-scale figures modestly line the walls of the gallery space, each positioned in a pose of hermetic contemplation that gives way to a site of serenity. While the exhibition title "nude" most commonly connotes bare or naked, it also implies a kind of primary, exposed and reductive state, which Rondinone mirrors by stripping the scene of narrative action, a decision that momentarily suspends the outside world and its referential character in an appeal to the conditions of our present state of consciousness. Accentuating the vast dimensions of the room and its abyss-like emptiness, Rondinone's interplay of sculpture and architecture elicits a sensorial encounter, highlighting both the passivity of the figures and the spatial void at the core of this scenario. By staging this setting for existential reflection, Rondinone plays with the co-constitutive forces of artifice and authenticity, unfixing the grounds upon which they operate and allowing the imminent ruminations upon Being to briefly and reflexively take hold among his poetic reshuffling of truth and meaning.


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