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roll & mix | new kitchen tools 2011

If you think this Roll and Mix is just only a nice looking roller then you are wrong. In fact it is a roller, an oil bottle and a mortar in one. Cool ya?

The design is a three in one product. It provides the tools used for roll and mix in a compact way. So the user has an easy way to cook in the kitchen and to store it. Two metallic threads in the middle made the design compact or detachable depending of the function desirable. The compact function is for roller. Is when we use flour, water and yeast to made dough. The detachable function is for mixing. Is when we need to add oil with a bottle and grid/mix with the other hand.


  1. I like the most its detachable features of above the appliance . The roller really good and fascinates which match with my kitchen appliance. Because i have brought all the white appliance for my kitchen.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, interesting and amazing. I love to saw these kitchen tools. i love it. Thanks again
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