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objets d’un autre âge

Fabulous design. By Eva Rieland.

The project « Objects of another age » is to rethink high tech tools to make them easily understood by all, and particularly by the elderly. To reduce learning curve anxiety and the risk of errors, object design is based on observation of real world habits and needs; a clear and obvious gesture for each object minimizes the use of a GUI.

They work as a system of objects. Eva Rielland chose to focus on communications features from the world of computers: write, view, upload images, print. Each object does one of these functions. There is the frame (used for video chat), the mailbox (just to exchange e-mails), printer and finally, the visual (that presents an image received by e-mail). The clear separation of each of these functions can facilitate the understanding of the subject.

Photos by Eva Rieland ~


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