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dazzling light calligraphy

Combining calligraphy art with photography to produce such dazzling work. Really awesome and stunning work from Artist Kaalam (aka Julien Breton).

Using long-exposure, artist Kaalam (aka Julien Breton) creates stunning light photography. Drawing inspiration from classical calligraphy, specifically Arabic and Eastern styles, the artist has created his own Latin-based letters and words. Kaalam practices a choreographed movement, until he has it completely down, before he starts shooting. To achieve the look of different "inks," Kaalam uses different pigmented gels to cover the lamp. Each shot can take up to 10 minutes to capture and none of the photos are retouched or edited. Also, light photos are never superimposed onto a scene. What truly stunning pieces of work!

See more of his work here.

Via: My Modern Met


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