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Love the idea of letting individuals to dictate what the product should look like, it gives more to individuality and less mass produce. Light_ness is by UXUS.

Inspiration for LIGHT_NESS was drawn from the UXUS “Not So Fragile” collection, which used re-purposing furniture as the core design principle. UXUS developed the concept where user & designer roles become interchangeable; the consumer dictates what the product should look like and the designer is limited to simply providing the material. LIGHT_NESS was first introduced during Dutch Design Week (22-30 October) in Eindhoven at the Klokgebouw. The lamps are assembled by taking the frames and putting them together, attaching the cord to the desired position and lastly, taping the frame with the neon orange tape provided to create the “lamp shade”. Each lamp is an individual statement of the owner’s taste and perception of what a hanging lamp could be. The result is a whimsical and highly individualized collection of designs that expresses the maker’s personality.


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