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Never have I realize that the sadness of losing a loved one has so much empowerment in a person's work that becomes a strong driving force to produce such extremely wonderful and excellent work. I am totally lost and mesmerise in Kirsty Michell's creation of her photography work, Wonderland.

You can see much more of her work here.

English fashion designer-turned-photographer Kirsty Mitchell whose own tragic dance with reality, in the form of her beloved mother’s diagnosis and subsequent death from a brain tumor in 2008, instigated a life shift Mitchell never expected but embraced with a passion most will never know. 

Mitchell’s photographs in the series Wonderland are stunningly realized, the embodiment of her dreams from a life spent as the offspring of a literature-loving, English teacher mum who went to great lengths to inspire in her daughter a love for the visual possibilities that come from the page. Every one of Mitchell’s photographs is a labor of love, some taking as long as five months to create, each one dependent on all of its pieces coming together in just the right manner to create a piece of unrivaled beauty.


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