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the thinking man book sculptures

I am totally smitten by these beautiful and stunning sculptures of a thinker mostly sitting or lying on a visually captivating paper folding technique book sculptures. By Malaysian-born, Tennessee-based artist Daniel Lai. aka Kenjio.

Each book blossoms outward in waves of paper folded unto themselves, accompanied by a clay figurine of a man deep in thought. The sculptor's series of Thinker sculptures, echoing Rodin's The Thinker, exhibit an astute attention to detail and skill in multi-mediums, including paper and clay. The beautiful imagery created by Kenjio's folding method mimics that of a fully-bloomed flower or perhaps a cog in a timepiece. The literary sculptures reinterpret the appeal of knowledge and reflect the limitations of time to absorb said knowledge. Kenjio has constructed a realm of his own where the thinking man reigns atop his literary throne.

You can buy these sculptures over here.


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